Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Long Hiatus

I started this little blog nearly 4 years ago for my family's sake. I have taken so many pictures over the past few years, but haven't created a post for them. About a year and a half ago I decided to focus more on my photography. I was even hired to do pictures for a recipe book. (I'll post a few of those pictures in a second.) So, the next several posts will have "old" pictures... The pictures before I started really learning about the tricks of food photography. I look through my older posts and think, "These are AWFUL!" They don't do the food justice. So, going forward, I hope to be able to share lots of recipes and better pictures.

These are pictures from the recipe book I was hired to take. The book has not yet hit the publisher, but since I'm the copyright holder of these images, I feel I can post them. (No recipes are included in these.)


OHY! Getting these pictures to stick where I want them is not easy! I'll try to figure them out soon.