Monday, October 24, 2011

Baccon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken

I saw this on a Pintest. Click HERE for the original. I wanted to try it. The original recipe calls for 12 Chicken breasts. I only wanted to make three. So, I altered a bit. But, it's still very simple, only three ingredients and it was delicious!

Chicken breast, flattened with a mallet
Stuffed with Chive and Onion Cream cheese
Wrapped with two strips of bacon
Use toothpicks to hold in place (I didn't need toothpicks, the bacon held everything together just fine.)

Cook at 400° for 20 min or until juices run clear. Then cook for 8 minutes under the broiler to crisp the chicken.
This was really yummy chicken. Next time, I may cook the bacon first, sprinkle it inside of the chicken with the cream cheese and then put Swiss cheese on top of the chicken for the last 8 minutes and melt cheese on top of chicken.

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